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Relations with EU
Relations with EU

In 1983, the Republic of San Marino, as a third State, established official relations with the European Union. Since then, the relations have strengthened, making it possible to considerably reduce distances and to introduce important opportunities for dialogue and discussion.


This section of the website contains necessary information to describe the structure of the cooperation with the European Union and it also provides some points for discussion and analysis relating to the process undertaken by San Marino for greater European integration, from the start of negotiations for an Association Agreement to the steps taken in areas related to territorial cooperation.


The different sections allow to learn more about the history of relations with the European Union and the roots of the European tradition of San Marino, to have access to institutionally important documents, to follow the initiatives undertaken by the country to strengthen relations with the Union and learn more about this topic through publications and studies by the Directorate of European Affairs.


San Marino verso l'Europa - I contenuti dell'Accordo

Second cycle of meetings on the changes and opportunities that affect all citizens, workers, associations and companies, through the contents of the EU Association Agreement.


Meeting calendar:

29 February 2024 - The institutional framework of the Agreement;


12 March 2024 - The Agreement and European freedoms: goods, people and workers;


20 March 2024 - The Agreement and the free movement of services and capital.


Press releases:

The second cycle of meetings "San Marino towards Europe" begins


Crowded room for the first meeting of "San Marino towards Europe"


Second meeting of "San Marino towards Europe"


Third meeting of “San Marino towards Europe. The contents of the Agreement": focus on the free movement of services and capital

Sights of Europe on San Marino stamps and coins - from 1st October to 19th November 2023

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between San Marino and the European Union, from 1 October to 19 November 2023, the State Museum will host the exhibition "Visions of Europe on the stamps and coins of San Marino" aimed at tracing the evolution of stamps and coins that has accompanied relations between San Marino and Europe.


The exhibition will display the stamp issued on the occasion of this important anniversary together with the stamps, coins and medals of San Marino that are part of the collections of the Coin and Stamp Museum - MFM, as well as first-day covers and related cancellations, sketches and art models whose uniqueness has represented and conveyed over time messages and values linked to the European tradition.


The exhibition will show original documents concerning the milestones of bilateral relations (posters, official speeches, original photographs) from the State Archives and the Photographic Archives of the Department of Foreign Affairs.


The exhibition was curated by Roberto Ganganelli and stems from the collaboration between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Directorate of European Affairs, the Cultural Institutes and the Coin and Stamp Museum.


Evento d'inaugurazione - Taglio del nastro questo pomeriggio per la mostra 'Visioni d'Europa su francobolli e monete di San Marino' press release (ITA)


Evento d'Inaugurazione - Museo di Stato di San Marino: taglio del nastro per la mostra “Visioni d'Europa"- San Marino Rtv (ITA)

L'EUROPA A SAN MARINO, SAN MARINO IN EUROPA FILM FESTIVAL - from 24th march to 27th april 2023

"I am delighted and honoured that San Marino can host the first edition of the EU Film Festival - San Marino 2023. This initiative, to which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has gladly granted its patronage, represents a privileged moment of celebration of the fortieth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of San Marino and the European Union, while recalling one of the fundamental dimensions of this relationship: the cultural one."

Luca Beccari, Minister of Foreign Affairs


"This year, after 40 years of diplomatic relations between the European Union and San Marino, we celebrate the consolidation of our relations, also through the negotiations for an ambitious Association Agreement. I therefore hope that this festival will be a motivation to continue cultivating our cultural relations, using cinema as a means to build bridges between EU countries and San Marino”.

Alexandra Valkenburg, Ambassador of the European Union to San Marino



Festival inauguration event - press release

Full programme of the Film Festival

San Marino verso l'Europa

Cycle of meetings on the changes and opportunities for all citizens, workers, associations and companies, with the EU Association Agreement.


Calendar of meetings:


31 January 2023 - The political dimension: San Marino’s process from a third State to an EU associated State


20 February 2023 - The legal dimension: the four freedoms, European jurisdiction and the Republic of San Marino


20 March 2023 - The individual dimension: free movement of persons in Europe and implications for San Marino


17 April 2023 - The economic dimension: the single market between the European Union and San Marino


15 May 2023- The cultural dimension: Erasmus and beyond. Culture and communication between the big Europe and a small State


19 June 2023 - The social dimension: European projects and funding An opportunity for San Marino


Press releases:


Positive outcome of the first meeting of the cycle entitled "San Marino towards Europe”


“San Marino towards Europe”: the individual dimension of the Association Agreement