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Telecommunication services on the territory of San Marino are provided by licensed operators pursuant to Law no. 57 of 28 March 1988.


Delegated Decree no. 146 of 20 November 2018, ratified on 30 August 2018 (Delegated Decree no. 109) - regulates public telecommunication services and establishes the Public NetCo and the ICT Authority. Delegated Decree no. 204 of 20 November 2020 extends the scope of the Authority's competence by entrusting it with regulatory functions in the IT field, i.e. the regulation, supervision of fiduciary service providers and providers of services related to public IT.


The ICT Authority is an independent body for supervision and guarantees in the ICT public services. It performs several functions, among which: regulation, control, guarantee and protection in the field of telecommunications of public interest and information technology, as well as accreditation, control and supervision of the body in charge of the Digital Development of the Republic of San Marino.


The Public Utilities Autonomous State Corporation has recently adopted a number of telecommunication networks to serve its facilities and necessary for the performance of its institutional activities. Part of this infrastructure is the FttH (Fiber to the Home) network, which is the access network for telecommunication licensees for broadband connectivity.


The Telecommunication Sector is the Public Administration office that deals with the technical and administrative management of telecommunications in the Republic of San Marino. It is located in Borgo Maggiore, 192 Via 28 Luglio, email: tlc@pa.sm, telephone number: 0549882552.

Telecommunications Reference legislation
DECRETO DELEGATO 20 Novembre 2018 n146
Disciplina dei servizi di telecomunicazioni